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What is Ajax?

As the term was first defined, it stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The community definition is something like this:



My personal choice is Javascript: The Definitive Guide because it is so well-organized and carefully written. It is oriented toward standards, and some even consider it a reference standard in itself, so much so that a JavaScript implementation has been named "Rhino" in honor of the book's cover picture. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (4th Edition) by David Flanagan.

Web Resources


More and more applications are using bits of this technology. This list aims to include applications that use the techniques extensively or effectively.

JavaScript Developer Hacks

Interactive Eval

Of all the clever JavaScript curiosities in the world, for me as a developer the most helpful one is this bookmarklet that lets you execute JavaScript expressions in the context of any page.

This Eval link pops up a dialog box that evaluates JavaScript expressions for you. You can bookmark the link. As a bookmarklet, works in any Web page for test and debugging. Displays the value, type, and execution time for each expression entered.

Script Injector

This bookmarklet is kind of poor man's GreaseMonkey that isn't limited to FireFox. It prompts you for the URL of a JavaScript script to load into the current page. References to localhost may work if your browser does not permit a file: URL here.

Inject Script